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The Sunshine State is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the United States, boasting breathtaking beaches, energetic towns, and some of the most popular amusem*nt parks globally. Florida’s attractions include the Kennedy Space Center, South Beach in Miami, and theme park resorts like Unique Places To Visit in Florida Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Anybody who has visited one of Florida’s popular destinations knows how crowded they can get. We’ve compiled a list of 20 undiscovered Hidden Gem Attractions in Florida that are worth seeing without the crowd. Prepare to explore one of the nation’s least-visited national parks, stroll along breathtaking nature paths, take in Florida’s highest waterfall, encounter manatees and alligators in their natural habitats, and discover spectacular caverns.

Hidden Gem Attractions in Florida

1. Ellie Schiller hom*osassa Springs Wildlife State Park

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Located around one hour north of Tampa, hom*osassa Springs Wildlife State Park Ellie Schiller is a stunning location with native plants and animals, as well as one of Florida’s best natural springs. Within the 210 acres of the park, look for endangered Florida panthers, black bears, bobcats, whooping cranes, alligators, and red wolves. Attending a presentation at the Fish Bowl Underwater Observatory will teach you about the Unique Places To Visit in Florida fantastic manatees that call this area home all year long. After that, try birdwatching on the 0.75-mile Pepper Creek route, take a boat trip, or take a stroll along the 1.1-mile elevated boardwalk route.

2. Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

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The best-hidden beauty in Delray Beach is a 16-acre Japanese garden. You may fully immerse yourself in nature at this lovely and tranquil location, which offers a world-class bonsai collection, pathways, ponds with koi, and picnic spaces. The clubs and workshops provide everything you need to know about Japanese culture, including instruction in traditional Japanese music and painting and ink painting.

3. Dry Tortugas National Park

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If you’re visiting the Florida Keys, take advantage of One of the national parks with the fewest visitors, Dry Tortugas National Park—the country. Dry Tortugas are familiar to locals and fans of national parks. Still, because of its isolated location, you can visit Fort Jefferson, go shipwreck diving, or snorkel amid the coral reefs without seeing the crowds of people you may see at other Sunshine State beaches. After all, the only ways to get there are by boat or seaplane.

4. Devil’s Den Spring

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Devil’s Den Spring, a prehistoric natural spring inside a cave in Levy County, is open year-round for diving and snorkelling in 72°F, crystal-clear waters. This unique site, named by early settlers who thought the steam flowing from the underground cavern looked like smoke ascending from hell, has fossils dating back to the Pleistocene Age.

5. Florida Caverns State Park

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In Florida, did you know that there is a cave tour available? See the stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, and draperies hidden beneath the surface in Jackson County, in the Panhandle, at Florida Caverns State Park. In addition, the park has bathing areas, trails, and other activities.

6. Venetian Pool

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This hidden gem in Coral Gables is different from your typical public pool. Constructed in the 1920s from a coral rock quarry, the Venetian Pool is the largest freshwater pool in the US, with daily replenishments and emptyings. This is a picturesque location for a day at the water, with palm trees and porticos adding to the scenery. Swimmers can splash in waterfalls and caves.

7. Wacissa Springs County Park

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This park is a swimmer’s, snorkeler’s, and boater’s paradise with over a dozen glistening springs. Wacissa Springs County Park is an excellent location for fishing and observing animals. You can stay at the Goose Pasture Group Campground for up to ten days if you wish to take some time to enjoy the great outdoors.

8. Southwest Florida Ale Trail

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Many people consider Oregon and Vermont the top travel destinations in the nation for beer enthusiasts, but did you know that Florida has a brewery trail? Eighteen breweries spread over four counties in Florida are connected by the Southwest Florida Ale Trail, which also provides a passport that can be stamped at participating locations for prizes. Many of them are close to the ocean so that you may enjoy a fantastic day at the beach with a beer.

9. Ravine Gardens State Park

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This unusual park near Palatka has 60 acres of natural space to explore. The park has suspension bridges spanning ravines over thirty feet above ground. You may drive, bike, or walk a 1.8-mile loop around the park to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The somewhat challenging routes descending into the park’s ravines appeal more to you if you’re an avid hiker.

10. Florida Historic Golf Trail

Remarkable golf courses and sports history are combined on the Florida Historic Golf Trail, which makes Florida a popular golf destination worldwide. The route offers a combination of well-known locations designed by renowned golf course architects and some lesser-known public connections.

11. Rainbow Springs State Park

Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon is roughly a 90-minute drive from Tampa or Orlando and has been a well-liked retreat for leisure and relaxation for over 10,000 years. The Timucua people, who were indigenous to Florida, frequented the springs long before they became a popular tourist destination, and they left behind artefacts such as arrowheads and stone tools. The 72-degree springs are an excellent spot to swim these days. Enjoy a Unique Places To Visit in Florida serene, lovely oasis of crystal-clear water for swimming, snorkelling, paddling, and floating all year round. Additionally, there is a section devoted to tubing. If possible, schedule your visit for a weekday, as the park closes to the public once it exceeds capacity—which occasionally happens on summer weekends and holidays when temperatures in Florida spike.

12. Myakka River State Park

Myakka River State Park is one of the best spots in the state to see alligators in the wild. It’s on Florida’s west coast, about thirty minutes from Sarasota. The best way to see them up close is to take a boat trip, which sometimes stops if the water level is too low. Check the website to find out if excursions are operating. If you need help, you can explore the park on a tram, and there are several hiking paths and overlooks, like The Birdwalk, from where you can see the river. The Myakka Canopy Walkway, a nearby treetop trail spanning 100 feet and situated 25 feet above the ground, along with its 74-foot observation tower, offer breathtaking aerial views of the wetlands.

13. Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

The Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge is close to Vero Beach. On the opposite coast, is a nature lover’s paradise, offering breathtaking views of mangrove and salt marsh habitats from the 500-foot accessible observation tower or one of the two three-mile circular routes. More than 130 different kinds of birds may be found in the park, which was established in 1903 as the nation’s first national wildlife refuge. Notable bird species that can be found there include bald eagles, great egrets, brown pelicans, yellow-crowned night herons, and ospreys. With 5,445 acres, there is more than enough room for everyone to take in Florida’s quiet and tranquillity.

14. Kampong National Tropical Botanical Garden

Go to Miami’s Coconut Grove neighbourhood’s The Kampong National Tropical Botanical Garden for some relief from the South Florida crowds. Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and other tropical regions are represented in the Kampong Planting Heritage collections, housed at the former estate of Dr. David Fairchild, a botanical enthusiast. Soak a self-guided walk to soak in the vibrant colours and strong scents, or take a guided tour to learn more about the various plants in this stunning location.

15. Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World in Plant City is a unique and laid-back alternative to the other large Florida amusem*nt parks. It’s only a 20-minute drive from downtown Tampa or an hour from Orlando via Interstate 4. The life-size replicas of several species, including triceratops, stegosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus Rex, will delight dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. Along with these activities, the park has numerous boardwalk nature paths, a museum with life-like animatronic dinosaurs, and fossil digging opportunities. This dog-friendly destination has two playgrounds and is a terrific place to stop on a road trip through Florida or a fun family outing.

16. Caladesi Island State Park

Caladesi Island State Park in the Tampa Bay Area. Reachable by private boat or a 20-minute ferry journey from Honeymoon Island State Park. It is located just north of Clearwater Beach. You may anticipate spending time alone whether you hire kayaks. Paddle through the mangrove forest, stroll the island’s nature trails. Picnic by the water or curl up on a blanket with a good book. Ospreys, egrets, blue herons, bald eagles, dolphins, and manatees are among the wildlife that call the area home.

17. Bean Point

In addition to its astounding absence of visitors, Bean Point, a secluded beach spot on the northern tip of Anna Maria Island, is well-known for its silky white beaches and breathtaking vistas of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. This is partly due to the high currents that make swimming dangerous; no parking lot or restroom is available. However, this is ideal if you’re searching for a quiet place to relax by the waves or take a picnic and read a fantastic beach book.

18. Blowing Rocks Preserve

One of the most incredible spots in Florida to watch green, leatherback, and loggerhead sea turtles in their native habitat is Blowing Rocks Preserve, located on the southeast coast around thirty minutes from West Palm Beach. Every year since the 1980s, biologists and other experts have travelled there to help young sea turtles transition from the nest to the ocean. The Unique Places To Visit in Florida “blowing rocks” phenomenon happens naturally when waves are powerful (during storms or high tide, for example) and push water up through the limestone so forcefully that it bursts like a geyser, sometimes as high as fifty feet! This is how the preserve got its name!

19. Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge

Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge, located on the Naples side of the Everglades, is an excellent spot to unwind, particularly if you enjoy birding, kayaking, wildlife photography, or fishing (permitted only during specific seasons). The Unique Places To Visit in Florida refuge is home to numerous species of birds and fish, American alligators and crocodiles, Florida panthers, manatees, river otters, and bottle-nosed dolphins. It is also comprised of vast mangrove forests, brackish marshlands, and many tiny islands.

20. Falling Waters State Park

The tallest waterfall in Florida may be found in Falling Waters State Park, situated on Florida’s panhandle and roughly one hour from Tallahassee. In reality, the Falling Waters Sink is a 100-foot-deep depression into which a 74-foot stream plunges to create the waterfall. The waterfall is a magnificent sight all year round, with the water appearing to sink into the cave system beneath it—the Unique Places To Visit in Florida force of the waterfall changes depending on the quantity of rainfall received in the area. Use the boardwalk trails to reach the observation locations – the upper half is drier, while the lower one lets you enjoy a closer look for the price of a gentle shower of water.

Explore The 20 Unique Places To Visit in Florida - Travelcanvas (2024)


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